It is very easy to book wellness sessions on HealthBook ME. First, select a service, choose a provider, and connect.
All of our practitioners are fully accredited, documented and been vetted by our team of experts.

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HealthBook ME helps individuals find just the right wellness provider for them. The platform offers access to hundreds of providers in a multitude of fields. These services are available at your fingertips:

Easily self-schedule appointments online

Find and connect with from a variety of practitioners of traditional and alternative therapies

Integrated Zoom sessions with your healthcare provider

Secure One-on-one and group sessions

Safe, encrypted payment with Stripe

HIPAA compliant, encrypted chat with providers

Easy Calendar Scheduling

The HealthBook ME Calendar is designed with health and wellness professionals in mind.

Free Appointment Reminders

Send out automatic appointment reminders via text and/or email

1-Click Payment Processing

Use HealthBook ME to accept online payments, without having to use credit card readers/terminals.

Securely Share documents

HealthBook ME’s HIPAA compliant messaging and document sharing enables users to share documents safely and securely.


Frequently Asks Questions

HealthBook ME is an online platform that connects holistic health and wellness providers, behavioral health professionals, and other alternative medical professionals together, by offering convenient, easy to use tools to conduct one-on-one and group sessions online, keeping “Client” at the center of it all.
HealthBook ME is a wellness platform that knows” me”, “who I am” and “where I come from”.

HealthBook ME providers are independent wellness therapy providers who are licensed, accredited, and verified professionals in their respective field of study. These are experienced professionals who have gained competence in their field of service, through education and experience.

Yes, HealthBook ME team ensures that our providers are able to go through a due diligence process to provide records of their license, education, proof of identity, resumes with reference from accredited sources. Our team does a thorough evaluation via interviews and background checks of the providers.

As remote work, physical distancing becomes widespread, so does video chat with healthcare and wellness professionals. Wellness visits are conducted via integrated zoom platform, which includes:
  1. HIPAA compliant video calling
  2. Secure audio/video content sharing across various types of devices
  3. Waiting room option
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